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Salesforce implementation and customization for an industry leader.

HomeShield Direct




September 2022



500+ hours



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Case Study

HomeShield Direct is a fast-growing, sales-forward organization that struggled to fully track and understand their sales activities across different channels and customer segments. In need of a CRM solution to better manage their customer outreach and internal metrics, they reached out to us for Salesforce consultation and, subsequently, implementation.

HomeShield Direct


HomeShield Direct faced several challenges:

> Lack of a centralized system to manage customer data.

Inefficiencies in tracking and managing leads and sales opportunities.

The absence of integrated customer service tools to provide timely and efficient support.After years of struggling with a niche CRM that stored data in a proprietary database



Phase 1: Discovery and Planning
We spent significant time understanding HomeShield Direct's business processes and requirements. We then developed a detailed implementation plan, aligning Salesforce's capabilities with the client's needs.

Phase 2:Customization and Integration
We tailored Salesforce to HomeShield Direct's unique processes, customizing modules and creating specific workflows. We also integrated Salesforce with their existing systems to ensure seamless data flow.

Phase 3: Training and Deployment
We provided comprehensive training to HomeShield Direct's team, ensuring they understood how to use Salesforce effectively. We then deployed the system, ensuring a smooth transition.

Phase 4 - Post-Implementation Support:
We offered ongoing support and maintenance, helping the client with system updates, resolving issues, and making further customizations as needed.



  1. Streamlined Sales Process
    Salesforce enabled the sales team at HomeShield Direct to track leads and opportunities effectively, resulting in a 21% increase in sales productivity YoY.
  2. Enhanced Customer Service
    The integrated customer service tools in Salesforce allowed HomeShield Direct to respond to customer inquiries faster, improving their customer satisfaction rate thirty percentage points based on follow-up surveys.
  3. Unified Customer View
    Salesforce's centralized system provided a 360-degree view of customers, enabling personalized marketing and sales efforts that HomeShield's Head of Sales referred to as a "huge leg up in a competitive space".

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