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Custom Sales Cloud development for an innovative London recruitment firm.

Pembury Legal




October 2022



350+ hours



Salesforce Sales

Case Study

Pembury Legal is an innovative London legal recruitment firm that seeks to pair organizations with highly qualified candidates working in a range of service dimensions in organizations based across the globe.

Pembury Legal


  1. Fragmented Data: Pembury had multiple systems and databases, leading to fragmented customer data and inefficient sales processes.
  2. Manual Processes: Sales representatives spent significant time on manual data entry, hindering productivity and reducing focus on actual selling.
  3. Lack of Insights: Limited visibility into sales activities, pipeline, and customer interactions made it challenging to track performance and make data-driven decisions.
  4. Inconsistent Sales Processes: Sales teams across different regions followed different processes, leading to inconsistent experiences for customers and challenges in sharing best practices.



This custom Salesforce Sales Cloud development project aimed to address these challenges and empower Pembury stakeholders to make more informed decisions as to how to use their sales data to better serve their customers. The following solutions were implemented:

  1. Data Integration: Existing systems and databases were integrated with Salesforce Sales Cloud, allowing for a unified and complete view of customer information. Data from ERP, marketing automation, and other sources were synchronized to provide accurate and up-to-date insights.
  2. Customized Sales Processes: Sales processes were standardized and customized to align with the organization's unique requirements. This included defining stages, milestones, and automation of tasks to streamline workflows and improve efficiency.
  3. Advanced Reporting and Dashboards: Customized reports and dashboards were created to provide real-time insights into sales performance, pipeline, and key metrics. Sales managers gained a holistic view of team activities and could identify areas for improvement.
  4. Mobile Enablement: Salesforce Mobile App was implemented, empowering sales representatives to access customer data, update records, and manage opportunities on the go. This increased productivity and enabled better customer engagement.
  5. Sales Collaboration: Chatter, Salesforce's collaboration tool, was utilized to facilitate communication and knowledge sharing among sales teams. Sales representatives could collaborate, share best practices, and seek assistance from subject matter experts, enhancing overall team effectiveness.



  1. Streamlined Sales Processes: With standardized processes and automation, sales representatives spent less time on administrative tasks and more time on selling activities, resulting in increased productivity.
  2. Improved Data Accuracy: Integrated systems and databases ensured accurate and up-to-date customer information, reducing errors and enhancing data integrity.
  3. Enhanced Visibility and Insights: Customized reports and dashboards provided real-time visibility into sales activities, enabling data-driven decision-making and better resource allocation.
  4. Increased Sales Effectiveness: Mobile enablement empowered sales representatives with on-the-go access to customer data and improved responsiveness, resulting in enhanced customer engagement and satisfaction.
  5. Improved Collaboration: Chatter facilitated collaboration among sales teams, leading to the sharing of best practices, increased knowledge transfer, and improved overall team synergy.

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