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HubSpot development and optimization for a fast-growing California firm.

Smith Workforce




February 2023



180+ hours




Case Study

Smith Workforce is a forward-thinking legal consulting firm that provides advisory services to corporations in multiple industries. As they expanded their services and customer base, they recognized the need for a comprehensive marketing automation solution to manage and nurture leads, improve customer engagement, and drive sales growth.

Smith Workforce


Smith Workforce grappled with several issues:

  1. Lack of a centralized marketing platform for managing leads.
  2. Difficulty in personalizing customer interactions and marketing campaigns.
  3. Challenges in tracking and analyzing marketing performance and ROI.



Following an initial discovery session, we proposed HubSpot as the recommended solution, given its extensive marketing automation capabilities and seamless integration with Smith Workforce's existing systems.

Phase 1: Discovery and Planning
We extensively studied Smith Workforce's legacy marketing strategy, lead management process, and customer journeys.

Phase 2:Customization and Integration
We customized HubSpot to fit the existing marketing workflow, including lead scoring rules, email marketing templates, landing pages, and automated marketing campaigns. We then implemented a series of custom HubSpot templates to permit streamlined data sharing.

Phase 3: Training and Deployment
We provided extensive training to Smith Workforce's marketing team, ensuring they understood how to use HubSpot's marketing automation features effectively.

Phase 4:Post-Implementation Support
For six months following the initial handover, our team offered ongoing support, resolving any new system issues, assisting with product updates, and making further customizations in response to the evolving understanding of the audience and their behaviors.



Significant improvements were noted, and particularly in the following dimensions:

  1. Streamlined Lead Management: With HubSpot's automation features, Smith Workforce's team were able to manage and nurture leads more efficiently, resulting in a 31% increase in lead conversion rates.
  2. Personalized Marketing: HubSpot's personalization features enabled targeted marketing campaigns, boosting customer engagement on existing content channels by nearly half.
  3. Improved Marketing Analytics: HubSpot's robust analytics provided deep insights into marketing performance and ROI, helping Smith Workforce make data-driven decisions.

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